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Welcome to the blog of Henrik I Christensen. I am the KUKA Chair of Robotics and also the director of Robotics and Intelligent Machines at Georgia Institutute of Technology. I wanted to start the blog to present/discuss  current research and efforts in robotics and intelligent machines (embodied AI) across the local universe at Georgia Tech, the US national scene and efforts worldwide.

I am originally from Denmark (Frederikshavn) and earned my first degree in Mechanical Engineering from a local college. Upon graduation I studied Electrical Engineering (control and vision) at Aalborg University and earned M.Sc. and Ph.D degress from there. I have subsequently worked at Aalborg University (1989 – 1996), Oak Ridge National Laboratories (1988), University of Pennsylvania (1996), Royal Institute of Technology (1996-2006) before joining Georgia Tech.

I was the founding coordinator of the European Robotics Network (EURON) that engaged 200+ universities and institutions across all European countries and was active in research, education and translation coordination for robotics and cognitive systems including the launch of a European program under Framework Program 6 and 7.

My interests are broad across research in robotics, intelligent systems, computer vision, sensory fusion, …